About Baby Beatzz

Hi, my name is Lee Thomas, and Babybeatzz.com was motivated by my wife and our pregnancy experience. Before my daughters birth, I searched for something fun online that would make the pregnancy experience fun and unique for both my wife, family, and friends. I kept coming across the same boring baby pools online. They all looked good, but were all the same with no sauce to it’s taste. So, being a web developer, I decided to build our own fun experience in a website for my family and friends to be apart of.

I wanted to create something that my wife and I could use as a tool to get others involved in our pregnancy experience. It had to be simple, easy to use, unique and most importantly, fun! I wanted to focus more on the fun things about the pregnancy, like the baby’s heart beat, cool pictures of my baby’s ultra sound, and focus on how beautiful my wife looked while being pregnant. Babybeatzz.com was then born. After great feedback from friends and family I decided to expand this website to the public, so expecting mom’s and dad’s can have a similar experience.