Babybeatzz.com is a website that offers the option of turning your baby’s heart beat into a musical beat, melody, sound effect, or song. Surprise your family and friends by sharing your baby’s heart beat with music, or any audio you choose through this website. Choose music that you feel reflects your baby’s heart beat or request an audio upload of your own. And if that alone wasn’t cool enough, Baby Beatzz also offers the option of a baby poll for family and friends to take part in the whole experience, by guessing baby gender, birth date, time and weight. There’s even a countdown clock till baby’s birth.
  • Unlimited images
  • Heart Beat Audio
  • Premade Heart Beat
  • Baby Poll
  • Countdown Clock
  • Free to signup and use
  • Evites

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Our Purpose And Goal

Our goal is to create a fun experience for new mom’s and dad’s while going through their pregnancy stages. We provide an easy option to share this experience with family and friends.